1974 Plymouth Road Runner


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At B&D Automotive in Anniston, AL. All major work on this car has been professionally done. The wiring harness from Year One and the custom Cope Racing Transmission was installed by pros.



Cope Racing Transmissions

CRT owner John Cope built the Road Runner's new transmission. I opted for the Street/Strip II which features an array of wicked options other brands can't touch. It has:
5 red racing clutches in the front, 4 red racing in the rear pack, Heat teated Kolean steels, 4.2 lever, Mopar Performance deep pan and pick up, bolt-in-sprage, TransGo TF-2 shift kit, HD band strut, Red racing front band, Kevlar rear band, Low/Reverse billet servo with stainless steel spring and a thicker retainer, New neutral switch, New cooler line case fittings, Mopar plug kit to keep dirt out druing shipping or storage. The case is hot tanked and bead blasted and then re-hot tanked. As John says, "Jegs can't touch this unit!"

Left: The unit is complete with Mopar Performance deep pan & pick up. It looks so good, if i had the money I'd order a second one to display like sculpture in my living room!