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It's Official- NASCAR SUCKS
I've already vented my disgust over the WWE (a.k.a. NASCAR) tendency to show favoritism to select drivers, it's raping of the STOCK aspect of stock car racing, and various other things, but this is the last straw. It appears NASCAR, ever the money-whore, is bringing in the ricers. Check out the's story on Toyota's arrival to the truck series- and eventually the "stock" car series:

My fave quotes from the article:

"If NASCAR has heard the fan grumbling, it so far considers it not to be an issue."

MoparStyle Racing Buys Texas Big Bird

Dave Schultz of Richmond, Texas buys the IHRA Pro Mod Superbird "Texas Big Bird" from Matt Tolbert of Austin, Texas. The sale included the 'Race Ready" Superbird, some spare parts, and the body molds.


Texas Big Bird has been one of the most recognizable Mopars in Drag Racing history. Dave Schultz is the owner and administrator of, which is the fastest growing Mopar community on the Internet. Texas Big Bird will fly the MoparStyle banner.


Intentions are to race the car in the Pro Outlaw Street division of NMCA and Pro/Street in the PRO series with Monte Smith of Monte Smith Racing handling the driving and crew chief duties.


Texas Big Bird has been transported to Alabama to be prepared for 2003 exhibitions and match races; and the 2004 racing season. As of this writing this wicked machine is undergoing a complete facelift. 




"I guess that goes back to the rule book being against foreign manufacturers and those fans who don't want anything to change," NASCAR spokesman Jim Hunter said. "But bringing in another manufacturer is good for competition and it only gives all those people someone else to root against."

Indeed. Now I have the entire organization of NASCAR to root against. Good job guys.







Photos Courtesy of Dave Schultz and

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