Lord Violator's Awesome Cool Site


Here's a dancing fat guy.


Here is my drawing of a giant robot crushing a car.


No web site is complete without a picture of a midget. This one is into Heavy Metal! ROCK ON!!

Oh man, If I could get a gif of the midget dancing with the fat guy, that would be the most awesome thing. Just about every other web site would shut down cause who could compete with THAT? Anywayz, hope you enjoyed the site. There probly won't be any additional pages or updates or anything because it's already pretty incredible. So visit often and watch the dancing fat guy.

Action figures not included. Some assembly required. Do not us if pregnant, flatulent, or experiencing explosive diarrhea. Side effects may include disorientation and explosive diarrhea. If explosive diarrhea persists for more than eight weeks, consult a physician.